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Gang Injunctions

This subject raises all sorts of issues.  As such, this is a post that we expect will be updated continually.

In cities across America, local governments are imposing “teen” curfews, and taking steps intended to protect our youth from danger.  Many times the danger is themselves, and their perceived invincibility.  We can all remember how much fun it was to be 18 years old and thinking that way, or not thinking at all, not knowing what to think about, etc.  Alas, back to Gang Injunctions.

In Columbia, SC, where we live, teenagers are not allowed in Five Points after __ PM.  The news on this issue is heated now in Oakland, CA.  In contrast, in Los Angeles, there seems to be less controversy over Gang Injunctions.

According to _____, the first gang injunction was issued in southern California in circa 1982.

Controversy over Gang Injunctions

In Oakland:

Samantha Macias has recently blogged on Gang Injunctions at http://justicestudies.sjsu.edu/2012/05/17/gang-injunctions-economics-and-justice/ In her piece, Samantha reference the ongoing dispute in Oakland, CA, as well as the “public nuisance” basis for these injunctions that preclude certain gang members from otherwise legal conduct / behavior.  Samantha reports that in Oakland, due at least in part to the historical racial issues there and

As with most anything, much can be learned from talking to the people who live in the communities affected by injunctions, and also spending enough time in those communities to at least begin to understand the historical, political, and soci0logical context in which the issue arises.


Gang Injunctions and Abatement: Using Civil Remedies to Curb Gang Related Crimes (CRC)

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