(In)famous Injunctions by State

This Page will be developed by reader input.

Send an email to the email address below or simply comment on your home state’s most famous / infamous injunction order, and we will get it wrtten up, or you can submit your own proposed Post.

South Carolina:

See the video clip entitled “Judge Waties Waring Makes History” for a speech by this blogger’s brother on the real life effects and courage exhibited by District Judge Waties Waring in implementing the desegregation mandatory injunction orders in Briggs v. Elliott, 342 U.S. 350 (1952).  More to come on this subject.

Don’t agree that Briggs  is S.C.’s most famous / infamous injunction order?  Let us know.

Please share your thoughts on any content above, and PLEASE send us your states most famous injunction order, or story by: (i) commenting here, or (ii) email to wes@wesleyfew.com   Follow this blog on Twitter via @WesFewSC

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